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Just how crazy is Rush Limbaugh?

The answer appears to be crazier by the day. Take, for example, this little excerpt from his radio show on January 16:

You know how to stop abortion? Require that each one occur with a gun.

This came after a conversation with a caller who complained that the country was up in arms about a massacre at an elementary school while we turn a blind eye to the epidemic of child-killing that comes in the form of abortion every year (and of course Limbaugh’s usual rant about Obama hating the American people and destroying the very fiber of our nation).

Limbaugh’s mind seems to be deteriorating at an abnormal pace. The poor guy never really had much with which to work, but it’s just getting sad now. Even worse, he represents a staggering proportion of Americans who actually believing that we are committing mass murder by providing women with abortions.

It’s a weird belief, and it’s rooted in the absurd. It’s lucky that such lunacy seems to be dying faster than it can be replaced.

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