Coming Out

Since the conception of this blog, I have kept my identity private. The primary reason for this choice was self-preservation; as a soon-to-be college graduate, I worried that publicly outing myself as an atheist could be detrimental in my job search. Most of my family and friends know that I’m a nonbeliever, but I worried that, based on the common discrimination against atheists, future employers may be wary of hiring an outspoken atheist such as myself.

Then something occurred to me: Why would I want to work for someone who cares that I don’t believe in gods? I hope to commit my working life to advancing causes in which I believe and promoting freedom throughout the world – there’s no way I would work for someone who wishes to stifle those goals.

I once had another blog in which I voiced similar opinions and displayed my name proudly. As the prospect of job searching loomed ever nearer, I eventually quit that blog in favor of creating this one for which I would blog anonymously. My first blog actually created a slightly tumultuous environment for me locally, where religious leaders got to know me and engaged in confrontation. Stepping away from it all and writing privately gave me a chance to focus on studying a little more intensely; but as I have narrowed my focus on what I want to make of my life, I have also found freedom in expressing who I am uninhibited.

Therefore, without any more delay, this is who I am (with the help of the Freedom From Religion Foundation):


If you are ready to come out as a nonbeliever (and I now realize the power of pride), I would encourage you to visit the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s website and create your own billboard.

Thanks for reading, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.


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