Card tricks, soldiers, and Jeebus

Yesterday I saw this video:

The video is of this guy named Justin Flom, and he really does seem to be a decent illusionist. I checked out some of his other videos and his website, and I enjoyed watching his work.

Most of his content is completely nonreligious and quite entertaining. But those videos are only garnering a couple thousand views each. The video above has more than 4 million views, and it’s the one I find least impressive. It’s the old “God and country” routine, and I’m just not buying it.

Flom obviously knows that his magic tricks are just illusions masking reality; does he realize what a perfect metaphor he has made for his religion?


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2 responses to “Card tricks, soldiers, and Jeebus

  1. Hah!, Good point. The “illusion” of religion however is only one side of it. “Soldiers over seas giving their lives” is unfortunately a fact, though how he can be proud of all it is baffling. Surely I have no objection to some things (fighting terrorism for instance), but the things that could be done and were not, and the things that should not have been done but were are not a matter of pride. War is not a matter of pride.

    On a side note I should add he is very cute, and totally my type… 😀

    • NewDreamsOldEarth

      Very good point. I did not want this post to be too much about what he is saying about war, but your comment is dead on – war is not a matter of pride.

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